The Razor’s Edge


Welcome to an epic quest. The search for the perfect shave.

What is this nonsense, will you ask.

Well, I have been wet shaving for the past 17 years. Before that, I tried three different electric shavers.

I graduated from different cartridge systems onto the next. First, there were two edges (you can’t call those thin strips blades). Then, there were two edges with better gimmicks. Then there were three edges. Then three edges with more gimmicks! Then five edges with extra gimmicks! Then it was too expensive and then there were five edges with fewer gimmicks! And then…

One blade. Two edges. No gimmicks.


Like seemingly most men, I have a very tough beard, but sensitive skin. The electric shavers burned my skin lobster red. It was horrific.

Wet shaving was much better, but there still was razor burn. Such that I dared not shave daily. Only after 3-4 days did I dare shave and I even grew a goatee for many years to reduce exposure.

No matter what cartridge system I used, shaving remained a chore.

Seeking to improve the experience, I abandoned the canned gels and foams and started using a shaving brush and shaving cream. Now I enjoyed the ritual more, but the results did not really improve. After two brushes bit the dust and the cream I was using became too expensive, I returned to the canned goo and upgraded to the next system instead, trying to find a way to prevent the burn and discomfort.

This was very frustrating and over the course of all those years I kind of resigned to this predicament.

Recently, I elected to start shaving daily, for several personal and professional reasons.

Quickly, it became apparent that this situation was unsustainable. I had to step down a notch in cartridge level, since they only lasted four shaves. I was infuriated at the bad results at that high price.

I had to find an alternative, a solution.

But what?

The salvation came as a return to the roots!

Similar to my transition from digital back to film photography, I was unchained by classic safety razor wet shaving!

I had delved into double edge razor shaving before, but was put off by the perceived danger those blades posed. How would I be able to wear a collared shirt and necktie if I had cut up my face to ribbons while shaving? There would be blood everywhere!

Many such thoughts delayed my testing oldskool shaving, until there was no other way, when I repeatedly got blood on my collar after using cartridge razors.

And I have to say, those fears were all hogwash, completely unfounded misinformation!

It’s no wonder oldtimers stress that it’s called a safety razor for a reason!

And so I ordered a kit and begun my journey towards a better shave about a week ago.

These will be the chronicles of that voyage and, perhaps, the description of a new fetish.

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